Thomas P.

“I am dedicating this to my son. When I was his age, the thought of administering genetically engineered allogeneic T cells to cancer patients was science fiction. Today, that pipedream…

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George C.

“I joined the Revolution because I wanted to join a company that gives people not just the hope of some extra time, but that can give people back the rest…

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Dan H.

“To leave a fingerprint, however faint, on the science, and maybe, one day, the immune system itself. To fight alongside those whose motives are true. For my loved ones who…

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Chris C.

“Getting the opportunity to put my own stamp on shaping the future supply chain that will bring life saving medicine to patients.“ — Chris C.

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Bob T.

“I was eager to join Allogene for the people and the science. I get to work with intelligent, driven colleagues while studying the “crazy” science of treating recipient patients with…

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